High Intensity Training

I have read many articles on how High Intensity Training is more of a "cult / religion" than reality. Well I can personally say that it is the most productive workout routine I have ever done in my life. I literally make gains and become stronger every workout.

Many people did not like Mike Mentzer for his strong opinions on this routine and his negative approach to all other routines. I think that if you read Mike's writings, you will see that the concepts are solid, but his presentation isn't the greatest. He goes too much into philosophical points of view to get his points across, which I think frustrates the readers.

If you look at weight lifting logically and not emotionally, then High Intensity Training makes perfect sense. Driving east down a road will never get you going north. Eventually you will need to turn the car in the right direction. If you don't see improvements in your workouts on your current workout routine, then logically more of the same isn't going to change anything.

Investigate, research, and improve. Follow others, and you may be headed down the wrong path! You should be able to create a routine that makes gains for you. If someone else's routine does that, then you are lucky, but more people don't see the gains that a lot of these genetic abnormalities achieve (Arnold & other Mr. Olympia winners).

Hanging from a bar 6 hours a day will not get you as tall as Wilt Chamberlin, so don't be so convinced that lifting 4 hours a day will get you a body like Arnold's. Improvements can be made but not beyond your genetic boundaries (unless you take steroids and run the risk of death).

Work smarter!

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