Glare Travel to Sundak Beach

Sundak Beach is located at Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. It is one of beautiful beach in Yogyakarta. This Beach is about 70 km from my beloved Gadjah Mada University. Recently, I have visited to this beautiful beach with my friends. We go to this beach together from campus. But, agung and anwar have wait for us on the way.

I feel this morning is very damn cold morning. On the way to sundak, i felt so cold. But, the beautiful sexy view on the way was harm me. Some incisive bends on the road make me more harm. Yeah, there is a famous bend called "irung petruk". After we past wonosari city, there is a little inciseve bend than previously road. I see "jati" forests, camphor hills, and sometimes beautiful girl. :D But, unfortunately i can't capture the beautiful view on the way.

When we arrived at sundak beach, this beach give us amazing panoramas. Rug of white sands, blue waves, and some beautiful bushes. I see the waves not fierce as parangtritis' waves, so i can pass through this beach. What a beautiful beach? I can view some sexy coral. I can also found some cute fish. Suddenly, I found a beautiful bird, but unfortunately i can't capture this beautiful view.

I think the water will withdraw at 1 pm. Then i can capture some beautiful picture of coral. But, I was very sad when i know that i have not enough memory cards. What amazing coral? I see coral which look like bottle's lid. Yeah,,it will be amazing photos.

These are some of beautiful photos i captured at sundak beach. I hope you enjoy it.

Waves prohibited me to capture bottle's lid coral

Water withdraw, I can shoot this bottle's lid coral

Does this hill look like a frog?

Sundak beach is so sexy beach

Coral or bottle lid?

Beautiful bushes on the hill

What a beautiful coral? Does it look like a gold?

Waves collided with the hill

It is a glare water

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