Sara Casasnovas attacked by stalker

Sara Casasnovas attacked by stalker

An obsessed fan of Spanish actress Sara Casasnovas tried to shoot a crossbow at the actress after Sara Casasnovas left a Madrid theatre on Sunday night.He attacked Sara Casasnovas at the entrance to Madrid’s Reina Victoria theater, where Sara Casasnovas performed in a production of Tennessee Williams’ “Night of the Iguana.”

The stalker is a German citizen who have been obsessed with Sara Casasnovas for the past year and a half after seeing her on TVE’s international channel. He was arrested shortly after Sunday night’s attack. The fan began stalking the actress 18 months ago.

After trying to approach Sara Casasnovas months ago, the fan showed up at the entrance to the theater Sunday night demanding that she answer his letters declaring his love for her. After Sara Casasnovas told him she wanted nothing to do with him, he pulled out his weapon and fired, but the arrow narrowly missed her face and became caught in a theater worker's jacket.

Sara Casasnovas’ friends wrestled the assailant and managed to hold him down. The assailant, identified as Arndt M, is 39 years old Germany. The stalker was arrested with a backpack containing a second crossbow, 15cm harpoon-style bolts, a can of petrol, handcuffs, two types of rope, and a poster of the play Casasnovas had appeared in a few month earlier.

Sara Casasnovas was taken to hospital suffering a panic attack but was not injured.

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