Milito scored Inter's first goal vs. Munich, champhion league final 2010

First round match between Inter Milan against Bayern Munich has just ended. For a while Nerazzuri 1-0 over his opponent on champion league final 2010. At five minutes earlier, both teams launched mutual pressure. However, an effort that was built Champion Series A or Bundesliga champions had not been there that give meaning to the goal threat of each opponent.

Bayern has a ripe opportunity in the ninth minute. Through a puncture from the right wing Arjen Robben who succeeded in deceiving two Inter players, then the Dutch players were off the bait into the penalty box. The ball was met by Ivica Olic but still deviated from the goal kick.

Minute 13, in a situation that got Bayern football corner, the ball from Daniel van Buyten's header had on hand from Maicon. Van Buyten launched protests that are not responded to by the referee.

17th minute, Inter players numbered ten off free kick backs. The ball which got on the head Hamit Altintop then leads to the Bayern goal. Goalkeeper Hans Jorg Butt Inter swiftly banish those opportunities.

Minutes to-25, La Beneamata again obtained an opportunity, again through a free kick that Sneijder executed. This time the Dutch players kick it right in the catchment butt.

Thomas Mueller throw opportunities gained in the 31st minute. Bayern's young players kick from outside the penalty box still soaring.

Inter opened the scoring on 33 minutes through Diego Milito. This first goal was created after collaboration between Milito and Sneijder.

This goal originated from Julio Cesar kick from his own area which was subsequently accepted Milito. With header, Milito lead the ball to Sneijder. Furthermore, the Dutch players had to return the ball to Milito.

Then numbered 22 Inter players were able to escape from custody Bayern defender, slightly pushing the ball into the penalty box and finished with Bayern goalkeeper tore execution.

Combination Milito-Sneijder returned to present a threat to Bayern in the 41st minute. Milito who succeeded in penetrating the left side of thrusting the ball into the penalty box. Sneijder free standing right to open fire but leads to Butt.

Last chance in this fight got Bayern. Kick from outside the penalty box was still deviated to the right of goalkeeper Julio Cesar.

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